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We offer comprehensive end-to-end services for establishing and managing software development processes within an Agile environment.

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Our legacy spans over two decades in the dynamic realm of software development. With a distinct specialization in crafting cutting-edge products and services for users, we've been instrumental in driving digital transformation across various levels and domains. Our journey has been marked by invaluable experiences with diverse projects, discerning customers, end users, and the myriad challenges that shape our industry. We understand all aspects of the software development lifecycle like no one else.

We specialize in implementing Agile methodologies for product creation, including Scrum and Kanban. We establish comprehensive processes tailored to the specific needs of companies and domains, ensuring effective product development and delivery.

Whether you need Agile Delivery Management to oversee the big picture, a Scrum Master to guide your team's day-to-day operations or just a Consultation we are here to help you navigate the Agile landscape and ensure your software development projects are a resounding success.

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Our End-to-End Agile Delivery Management service is designed to cover the entire project lifecycle, from concept to production, ensuring that you deliver most valuable product from your investments.

Agile Leadership / Scrum Master

ScrumMaster plays a pivotal role in leading development to success. An experienced ScrumMaster can effectively facilitate both the Dev Team and Product Owner, ensuring that the vision remains in focus and guiding the team in making the right decisions. Our expertise and techniques in leading Scrum teams excel in fostering a healthy and creative work environment, enabling teams to produce releasable increments and adapt planning based on real feedback and evidence.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Stay informed about the status of your projects with our comprehensive progress tracking and reporting. We use Agile metrics to provide you with real-time insights into project health and performance. And with evidence-based management practices we will help you steer your projects in the right direction, minimizing risk and optimizing value of the product.

Metrics and KPI Selection

Selecting the right metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial for project success. We collaborate closely with you not only to define metrics that align with your project objectives and offer valuable performance insights but also to identify the methods for collecting them.

Agile Workflow Optimization

We use proven practices and, by adapting them to your environment and project specifics, we help organize and optimize your Agile workflows, ensuring that your team works at maximum efficiency, minimizing bottlenecks and accelerating project delivery by avoiding “blocked” states.

Agile Coaching, Training and Onboarding Workshops

We specialize in Agile coaching and tailored onboarding workshops designed to empower your teams in effectively implementing Agile practices. Our expert guides ensure that your team begins delivering value from the very first sprint, establishing robust rails for a seamless product delivery process with continuous improvement

Agile Work environment setup

We specialize in installing and configuring tools for effective backlog management, iteration planning, and collaboration between teams. Whether the team is working remotely or everyone is in the same room, proper organization and visualization of Backlog, oadmap, storymaping , Sprint boards is important for planning, monitoring, and decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask anything. Your questions drive us to improve and provide you with the best possible experience. Our experts are ready to provide you with detailed and comprehensive answers. Ask your question now!

1. How long does it take to initiate development using Scrum?

Technically, all you need is your idea and the team. We emphasize three main phases: coaching the entire team, collaborating with the Product Owner and influencers from the organization, and infrastructure preparation while creating your initial backlog. The duration may vary for each organization, but on average, our rapid kickstart program takes approximately 3 business days.

2. Can Scrum be applied outside of software development industry?

Absolutely. Although Scrum is prominently adopted in the software development industry and has become a de facto framework, it is not exclusively designed for this sector. Scrum's principles and practices can be adapted to various industries beyond software development, such as marketing, HR, and product management. Its effectiveness lies in providing feedback and adaptive adjustments, making it useful in any context where achieving goals can benefit from an iterative approach and analyzing progress based on real-world results.

3. Can you prepare me for scrum certification?

Preparing only for certification is not the primary goal of our training and coaching program. Instead, we aim to immerse you in the philosophy of Scrum, ensuring that you genuinely embrace the Scrum values and purposes and how those are applying in real world in a way that bring you real value. Certification will naturally follow as a logical next step. Tailored to individual needs, we can assess and guide you in preparation for the PSM I and PSM II certification.

4. What is included in the "work environment setup"?

This is all your team needs at a minimum to start working on the Sprint goal:
1. Jira Project setup (workflow, Scrum board, automation, PBI types, User story templates, etc.)
2. Product Backlog
3. Definition of Done (to be established with your organization)
4. Confluence for document management
5. Collaboration tools
6. GitHub and CI/CD (to be determined in collaboration with your team)
This also includes guiding you through 3 sprints. Alternatively, you can hire our Scrum Master to lead your project.
The list is typical for the software development industry, and the tools and environment can vary depending on organizational preferences and the domain.

5. How much does a consultation cost?

Consultation is free, and you can always reach out to us via email, phone, or common communication channels such as Teams, Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. We will be glad to review your case and provide you with the best available solution.

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In this dynamic era of emerging technologies and artificial intelligence, achieving success in business requires the rapid integration of new technologies into existing products or the creation of new products to provide new and modern services to your customers. Agile approaches are particularly suitable for this. After all, creating functional features can be achieved as early as the first iteration, and feedback based on real facts allows adapting and improving the product faster than your competitors.
Making your goals a reality and ensuring your clients' satisfaction is at the forefront of our priorities and Creating a functional product is what inspires us.
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